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Olive Oil Tasting Santorini


Discover Greek culture through taste and the flavours of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) by joining us for a truly memorable experience travelling through the world of EVOO and its intrinsic relation to the Mediterranean diet renowned for its health benefits and culinary versatility.

Find your way to taste with carefully chosen interactive exercises to help you distinguish a defective olive oil from an extra virgin olive oil. Discover how to taste an olive oil and get acquainted with different varieties from all around Greece and learn about their gastronomic value by combining them with freshly prepared mouth-watering culinary creations.

Set in a magnificent, traditional and paradise-like organic garden with blooming fruit trees and local vegetables that will trigger your senses and invite you to a unique mouth-altering adventure!   

You can come by any means of transport like car, taxi, bus or minivan as Panigyri restaurant is located on the main road of Fira.

If you wish to book your transfer please call us at +30 697 3517031


Panigyri Santorini Festival Food
Agiou Athanasiou
847 00 Santorini

2’ from the central square of Fira
6’ from the airport
15’ from the port
12’ from Oia

In more detail

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
What are the differences between a seed oil and EVOO?
How can one distinguish a defective olive oil from an EVOO?
What is an EVOO sensory evaluation?
Are all EVOOs the same?
How do different olive varieties influence the taste of food?

All these questions will find a reply in our olive oil tasting experience with our olive oil sommelier, lasting a bit more than 2 hours, organized in a series of carefully designed exercises suitable for all ages which include: the olive oil tasting technique or sensory analysis, a prerequisite in order to categorize olive oil, the importance of EVOO in the Mediterranean diet and the benefits to human health, widespread myths and facts about olive oil and discovering 7 different olive varieties from all around Greece and combining them with a variety of foods especially prepared by our chef with fresh ingredients straight from the garden.

A special degustation menu of 7 different culinary creations is combined with the 7 different olive varieties you have discovered along the experience, which is custom made to your dietary preferences and which makes the experience unique.

Vegetarian and vegan lovers are welcome.

Useful tips before the experience:

Avoid having drunk or eaten anything at least 30’ earlier, except for water.
Have a light breakfast or lunch approximately 2 hours before attending the olive oil tasting experience.

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