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Following different professional and educational paths, their passion for extra virgin olive oil is what brought Fanis, Dimitris and Thalia together. Promoting the social, economic and cultural value of extra virgin olive oil is at the core of the Olive Oil Experience at Panigyri Santorini Festival Food. Sharing knowledge and experiences is the thread that saws together this unique journey travelling through the world of extra virgin olive oil.

Dimitris Sarantopoulos

A high-level professional with many years of experience in the retail and sales management, Dimitris Sarantopoulos is the founder and operating officer of Olive Epitome, an on-line shop exclusively dedicated to (premium) extra virgin olive oil. The project endeavors to approach the consumer and educate him on the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, health wise and gastronomically. Dimitris is a member of the officially accredited by the International Olive Council, Olive Oil Taste Panel Kalamata of the University of Peloponnese, a position which allows him of continuously educating himself on the sensory evaluation of extra virgin olive oil and therefore being able to discern quality EVOOs.

Fanis Maikantis

With an acute sense of taste from a young age, Fanis Maikantis is a passionate admirer of extra virgin olive oil which he uses as a base and inspiration to create his imaginative and versatile menus where he combines different varieties of olive oil with unique culinary creations. With a 20-year experience in top restaurants and hotels all around Greece, Fanis has recently founded his own restaurant on the island of Santorini, Panigyri Santorini Festival Food, in the capital Fira. With a particular focus on Greek Mediterranean cuisine, his moto includes the meticulous execution of dishes based on top quality ingredients from producers mainly at a close range within the Cyclades Island complex and selected ones across the country.

Thalia Papadopoulou

A team player with a particular flair for communication, Thalia Papadopoulou completed her studies as a Food Technologist at the University of West Attica and was trained in olive oil tasting at the Olive Oil Taste Panel Kalamata of the University of Peloponnese. The Olive Oil Taste Panel Kalamata is the only educational institution in Greece accredited by the International Olive Council. Focused in gaining experience in the production, research and promotion of foods, Thalia has acquired a particular interest in olive oil through her training but also through her relationship with Dimitris and Fanis who have initiated her in the world of olive oil through their own paths, inspiring her to perform a unique olive oil experience at Panigyri Santorini Festival Food.



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